Best Beaches in El Salvador

El Salvador offers an abundance of breathtaking beaches. Ranging from luxury resorts to intimate beach villages, this country boasts an extensive collection of magnificent destinations.

The Pacific coastline here boasts some of the finest surf breaks in the region and makes an excellent location for water sports enthusiasts.

Los Cobanos

El Salvador offers plenty of beaches where visitors can unwind, party and test their surfing abilities. Budget travellers and those wanting an escape can also find plenty of secluded areas where they can truly escape it all.

Playa Los Cobanos is one of El Salvador’s finest beaches, known for its golden sand and stunning coral reef protected by the government. Its seclusion also makes it perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving and other water-sport activities.

Tourists frequent this beach, known for its soft sands and calm waters that are ideal for sunbathing and swimming. Furthermore, this remote location hosts some of the best beach hotels and resorts in El Salvador that provide both luxury and budget options to travelers.

This town offers both relaxation and adventure – it has plenty of bars and clubs for an evening out! Or for something truly exotic, why not explore one of its numerous underwater caves?

Reefs home to an abundance of marine life are ideal for snorkeling and whale migration watching during certain seasons, making the area an excellent spot.

Playa Los Cobanos offers many interesting scuba diving spots and is an excellent location for beginners as its sheltered reef provides ample room. At 157 kilometers long, its coral reef is the largest such ecosystem in the north Pacific region.

Not only can this beach boast of soft sand and clean waters, it is also a wonderful spot to take in local culture or watch the sunset. There are numerous restaurants – both luxury and budget options are available.

El Salvador’s best and most-visited surfing beach, Santa Maria offers excellent waves with consistent waves that provide plenty of swell. No matter when you come, expect a fantastic surfing experience here!

La Costa del Sol

La Costa del Sol is one of the best beaches in El Salvador and boasts an array of activities. This popular tourist spot attracts both domestic and international visitors for its breathtaking landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and delectable seafood dishes.

Attractions to Puerto Rico include long stretches of white sand beach with crystal-clear waters. Considered an elite destination, Puerto Rico boasts an extraordinary number of hotels and private houses available for rental.

Attractions beyond its stunning beaches in El Salvador include restaurants and shops that feature an eclectic variety of food and drinks ranging from local fare served under palm trees to specialty drinks exclusive to this part of El Salvador.

Tortuga Village Resort, which sits right on the beach, provides an unforgettable beach club-style service and boutique beach hotel design experience – one of the top getaways in El Salvador according to guest reviews!

La Hola Beach Restaurant is another ideal spot, known for its great food and prime beach location. An ideal option for romantic weekend getaways together.

Casa Blanca Ocean Front provides an intimate yet laid-back ambience just 0.1 miles from Costa del Sol and boasts spectacular ocean views with amazing amenities, including eight wooden two-story cabanas featuring A/C, Tempur Touch mattresses, cable TV and Wi-Fi access.

El Salvador should be on any traveler’s itinerary when searching for their ideal vacation spot. From here you can discover all that El Salvador has to offer such as its magnificent volcanoes, charming colonial cities, and bucolic coffee growing areas – as well as being an excellent starting point for day trips into some of El Salvador’s stunning national parks.

El Cuco

El Cuco is one of the best beaches in El Salvador and it’s easy to understand why: with soft and smooth sand, gentle waves, great restaurants to try out and plenty of backpacker accommodation nearby, El Cuco makes for an excellent destination. Plus, as one of El Salvador’s most sought-after backpacker spots you won’t have any difficulty securing accommodation here either – making for an excellent budget option when visiting!

This beach is wide and sandy, unlike many others in the United States where waves may be more turbulent. Additionally, there is a long stretch of shore opposite the water’s edge lined with small local restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes.

Sunzal, just minutes from El Cuco, is another world-renowned surf spot known for both surfing and stand-up paddleboarding. Here, accommodation options may be scarcer but its world-renowned point break attracts surfers as well as snorkelers alike.

If you don’t have access to a car, take the shuttle bus that runs between Sunzal and El Tunco beaches, or for something different try taking an affordable taxi between these beaches.

There’s plenty to see and explore here, from beach resorts and eco-villas to breweries and plenty of food – including modern interpretations of El Salvadoran cuisine!

El Cuco is known for serving up delicious seafood dishes like fish and shellfish; you’re sure to find something that tempts your palate here! Additionally, try pupusas, fried yucca strips, empanadas or any number of traditional Salvadoran cuisine.

Take time to explore El Cuco’s beachfront and admire its rock formations – there may even be caves that await discovery when the tide allows! Take some time out of your day for walking along its shoreline and exploring all that El Cuco offers, from rock formations adorning its beach to caves that you can explore at low tide!

This beach is ideal for family vacations and offers ample relaxation space with its large expanse of black sand and clear, calm water.

If you prefer more active vacations, playing football on the beach or trying out watersports such as snorkeling and paddleboarding will certainly keep your spirits high! Not to mention all the breathtaking views this incredible beach offers!


Mahahual Beach in El Salvador is an idyllic destination with stunning black volcanic sand and turquoise water, making for a peaceful vacation and less-crowded beaches than others in El Salvador. Additionally, locals are extremely friendly, while there are tons of places for eating, drinking, and shopping to satisfy all your needs.

Visitors to this beach will find a variety of activities available, from taking a day trip to Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve nearby to snorkeling and diving at nearby coral reefs – and boat tours and excursions designed to learn more about them!

At Playa Carmel Beach, another stand-out feature is its safety. When compared with larger names in Mexico such as Cancun or Playa del Carmen, its shores are much calmer. People here are very friendly; tourists come less frequently; there’s less crime; making this beach an excellent option for families or those seeking a low key setting to unwind and relax in.

A long stretch of dark sand lined with vendor huts and seafood restaurants draws in visitors from across the country – as well as some foreigners. The aroma of freshly caught seafood draws them in, providing an experience to step back into local culture.

This beach is incredibly popular among families, as its spacious shore provides enough room for children to run around safely. Plus, there are various restaurants and bar areas where you can sit back, relax, and watch the sunset over a cool drink!

Take a swim in the crystal-clear water. With gentle waves and no current to worry about, this is an ideal place for children learning how to swim.

Surfers looking for waves might consider visiting El Tunco or Las Flores beaches near San Miguel for some impressive waves. Both El Tunco and Las Flores beaches have become increasingly popular surfing spots over time due to their great waves.

El Cuco is a favorite surfing spot among both locals and visitors, and it is clear why. One of the most beautiful and best-known beaches in Peru, El Cuco boasts vast soft sand shores and smooth, relaxing waves for ultimate surfing bliss.

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