How Far is Seattle to Tacoma?

As with any journey, traveling from Seattle to Tacoma by either car or train is bound to be an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten.

The distance between Seattle and Tacoma as measured by the Haversine formula and plane speed is 24.9 mi as determined by an airline flight path.


Seattle can be explored via bus, train and car – with car being one of the more popular options because it allows more of the city and surrounding areas to be seen at once.

Renting a car in Seattle can be an ideal way to explore this incredible city. There are rental agencies both at the airport and downtown that provide car rental options; some locations even provide free shuttles between them! If traveling in large groups, some locations even provide shuttle service from airport to downtown!

As you rent your car in Seattle, it’s important to be mindful of traffic regulations. This is especially pertinent given its busy and congested streets where drivers frequently need to merge lanes in order to pass each other.

Always give way to other vehicles when making turns; this will minimize your risk of collision and keep your journey safe.

Avoid driving in rush-hour traffic as this will save both time and money while alleviating stress associated with rush hour commutes.

Save money when renting your car for longer by opting for cheaper rates and renting one with full-to-full policy instead of one offering half-full rates. Also save fuel when selecting rental company offering full-to-full policies!

Travelers looking to drive across the border should make arrangements early so as to find the best possible deals on Seattle car rentals and avoid overpaying when one may not be available when they arrive.

Washington State Ferries offer convenient car rentals from Seattle to outlying communities like Bainbridge Island and Bremerton if you want a faster way of exploring this region.

Before departing on your journey, use ViaMichelin’s route planner to determine how far it is between Seattle and Tacoma by car. It will show the exact distance, travel time and costs involved with making this journey; additionally it can assist in planning by suggesting an efficient route and helping avoid potential traffic issues along your journey.


If you want to reach Tacoma without using your car, the easiest and most comfortable way is taking a bus. Not only are these economical but there may even be night buses for added flexibility!

Busing from Seattle to Tacoma is a 25-mile trip that typically takes an hour and 20 minutes, with various lines connecting these cities that offer convenient trips between them. Find one that best meets your needs!

Furthermore, you can take the Link light rail between downtown Seattle and Sea-Tac airport – it is a quick, cost-effective and free option available exclusively to NTPAW delegates and guests!

Traveling by bus is another wonderful way to experience a new city. You can hop on and off as often as necessary, giving yourself plenty of time to see all of its exciting sites.

History buffs should visit the Washington State History Museum where you’ll find artifacts that reveal our region’s rich past – it’s also a fun spot for children!

Point Defiance Park offers an interesting trail system. It boasts a ferry dock and marina as well as picnic shelters and restrooms – it is an attractive destination both locals and visitors!

Tacoma Nature Center provides the ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation while appreciating Tacoma’s natural beauty. If you enjoy nature, be sure to visit its wetlands, forests and lake – surefire ways to take a stroll down memory lane!

Are You Hungry in the Area? For foodies in the area, there are plenty of restaurants to satisfy every appetite. Pick-Quick Drive-In has been serving burgers and ice cream since 1949; Hi-Voltage Records sells vintage clothing, records and comics; Scorpio Rising provides unique antique items; Jazzbones provides live music or karaoke;

Finally, American Lake and Harry Todd Parks provide scenic beaches and parks in Pierce County’s largest lake; both locals and visitors enjoy visiting this landmark attraction.


Train travel is one of the easiest, fastest and most affordable ways to move between Seattle and Tacoma; numerous trains run between these cities daily under Amtrak’s supervision.

Buses also operate between Tacoma and Seattle. Depending on where you stay, these may prove more cost effective than taking the train.

Wanderu provides access to an extensive list of bus and train companies offering trips between two cities, each providing tickets at various price points to fit your individual travel needs.

Train rides between Seattle and Tacoma typically last about 43 minutes, although this may differ depending on departure time and route taken. To ensure maximum comfort during the journey, book tickets early so you have ample leg room.

As trains tend to be less crowded than buses or flights, trains allow you to easily secure a seat without waiting in long check-in lines. If traveling during a busy weekend or holiday period, consider an alternative form of transport as this might help ease crowding at check-in desks.

Transit from Seattle to Tacoma should not be difficult if you possess an ORCA card or are familiar with local transit systems. A quick trip on the 1-Line, formerly Central Link, will get you from and to the airport; alternatively you could connect onto Sound Transit commuter trains at Tukwila or Kent for further journeys.

Be sure to bring along a valid ticket or ORCA card if traveling via train at Sea-Tac Airport; the fare ranges between $8 and $11, depending on your destination and day of travel.

The 1-Line offers a fast, affordable and hassle-free commute between Tacoma and Seattle as well as easy access to downtown from Tacoma International Airport. Operates Monday – Saturday this service covers 19 stops throughout King County and SeaTac from Tacoma airport.


From Seattle or Tacoma, ferry rides provide an economical and relaxing means of traversing Puget Sound. Additionally, they may be your fastest route if traffic is congested or time is short.

Ferries offer one of the greatest pleasures: you can relax and take your time enjoying the journey. If you have time, take an extended cruise so as to explore more of your surroundings.

If you need an easier commute, take the ferry ride over to King Street Station in downtown Seattle. This popular Amtrak station provides access to buses, Link Light Rail and King County Metro service as well as proximity to International District and Chinatown neighborhoods.

Ferry services out of Seattle are provided by numerous companies. These include Clipper Line, RCCL, Washington State Ferries and SeaTac Transit.

Many ferries depart from the Victoria Clipper Ferry dock on Alaskan Way in downtown Seattle as their primary port; some stop off at other ports in Seattle as well.

Ferry rides offer a fantastic way to see the city from another perspective, giving you access to all its sites from the water. They’re also an enjoyable way to visit nearby islands!

Step one in getting a ferry ticket is checking and booking ahead for its schedule, to guarantee yourself a seat without disappointment when you arrive.

Use of Kitsap Transit Park & Ride bus service that connects to ferry terminals can be another convenient alternative; passengers should simply be courteous when joining in line according to when they arrived.

Before you board a ferry, it is vital to assess weather and other conditions beforehand. In case of severe storms, it may be necessary to wait for another departure time or switch ferries altogether.

Bring along an umbrella, raincoat and any documents of importance; the ferry provides waterproof bags to secure personal possessions.

If traveling as part of a large group, purchasing tickets online in advance may save time and money by taking advantage of multi-day tickets. Alternatively, call a reservation line and speak with a representative directly.

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