Things to Do in Kauai With Kids

Are You Searching for Fun & Exciting Things to do on Kauai or Looking to Bring Together Your Family, There Are Plenty of Exciting Options

Kids will enjoy taking a boat tour along the coast where they’ll get to sail, snorkel and soak up stunning ocean views while possibly even seeing whales or dolphins during their ride!

Hike in Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, better known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, is one of Kauai’s must-do attractions. At 16 miles long and 3,000 feet deep, Waimea Canyon makes an unforgettable visit.

Over millions of years, this canyon was formed by river and flood waters flowing off Mount Waialeale. Due to these elements, it is one of the wettest areas on Earth and one of its name implies.

Hiking is an amazing way to experience the breathtaking natural beauty of our breathtaking landscape. There are numerous trails suitable for both kids and adults, offering them all the chance to explore it up close and personal.

Whoever’s up for a more strenuous hike may try the Kukui Trail, which takes them down an invigorating canyon path and down through its deep gorge to its base. Not recommended for beginners due to steep and rocky terrain.

Those seeking an enjoyable yet short and easy hike should consider the Cliff Canyon and Black Pipe Trail, with less than four miles round trip offering panoramic views of the canyon.

This trail is suitable for children of all ages, from babies in baby carriers to older kids – making it a wonderful family hike! Though steep at certain sections, this well-maintained path is easily navigated in under two hours.

Float down the flumes

Flume floundering through historic irrigation ditches on Kauai with children is one of the most engaging and engaging activities available on this island. Once used to transport water to sugar plantations areas such as Lihue, these waterways still exist on Kauai today!

After checking in and receiving gloves, helmets, and headlamps, you will board a four-wheel drive vehicle to explore deep into Kauai’s interior. Travel across former Lihue Plantation land while taking in breathtaking sights on this unforgettable adventure through Kauai’s pristine jungle-like interior.

Once at the launch site, you will grab a tube, don a headlamp and jump into the gently flowing waters of a former irrigation canal – offering a thrilling, fun and unforgettable tubing experience that is exclusive to Kauai Backcountry Tubing.

Your guide will take you on an incredible tour through various incredible tunnels and flumes hand dug by engineers circa 1870 – this is a wonderful way to witness Kauai’s magnificent engineering achievements! After your adventure is completed, your guide will lead you to a picnic area for lunch followed by a swim in an natural swimming hole nearby.

Watch a Polynesian show

Exploring Hawaiian culture through visiting a luau can be an unforgettable experience, offering incredible dance performances from local talent and offering insight into Hawaii’s past and present. Luaus are found throughout Kauai – some are even free.

Most luaus are family-friendly events with fun activities for both the kids and their adults to participate in, including delectable Hawaiian dishes and tropical cocktails for feasting.

Your choices for luau dining include table service or buffet options with drink tickets and cash bars; more extravagant luaus often feature cultural activities prior to or during their dinner shows.

Some are situated along a beachfront or sunset view, while others take place at an amphitheater – both are great options if you prefer more relaxing environments and want to avoid crowds at other resorts.

Kilohana Plantation offers one of our favorite theatrical performances: Luau Kalamaku at Kilohana Plantation features Tahitian drumming and Samoan fire dancing – creating an engaging, captivating event!

Poipu Beach also offers the ‘Auli’i Luau, designed by a Kauaian with an aim of producing authentic performances and creating an unforgettable experience.

The ‘Auli’i Luau takes place twice every week and makes an ideal family-friendly event. With live music, hula dance performances and an all-you-can-eat buffet included in its offerings, guests will have a memorable time!

Go on a whale and dolphin boat tour

Hawaii’s waters are abundant with marine wildlife, and taking a boat tour will allow you to see this beauty up close. From whales and dolphins to other ocean-dwellers such as turtles or sharks, Kauai offers various tours that provide your kids an opportunity to view these amazing species up close.

Holo Holo Charters can arrange both sunrise and sunset boat tours, with each cruise featuring hydrophones that allow guests to hear whales at play.

Captain Andy’s Raft Whale Watch offers a two-hour boat tour through the southwest coast of Kauai where thousands of humpback whales migrate every winter from Alaska. However, as these tours can be unnerving and unpredictable due to being on rafts that are both bouncy and unpredictable, this option may not be suitable for people with back or neck injuries, surgeries or pregnant women.

Kayak Kauai offers an eco-friendly tour that explores Hanalei Bay and Napali Coast – their Hanalei Bay and Rivers tour is four hours of exploration through both ocean and river areas in Hanalei, giving your children ample opportunity to collect shells while searching for dolphins and other sea life.

AirBnB Experiences also provides boat tours that feature dolphin and whale watching adventures, but fewer include these adventures than at Poipu Beach Park on the South Shore, where calm waters provide ideal swimming and play spaces for children.

Visit the Kamalani Playground

If traveling to Kauai with children, be sure to visit Kamalani Playground near Lydgate Beach Park in Wailua – it offers the ideal spot for them to climb, play and slide!

This playground was created with accessibility in mind, ensuring children of all ages can have fun without fear of getting hurt while having a blast playing. It features ramps and bridges for them to explore their imagination with adventure while there are also multiple slides and swings for them to enjoy.

Visit this playground as a family and spend some quality time. After the play area, head down to the beach for a picnic!

The Kamalani Playground is an exceptional playground constructed by a group of community volunteers. It includes numerous slides, swings, climbing ropes and an intriguing treehouse-esque fort.

It features an engaging wooden bridge for children to cross over and watch the waves roll in, two safe lagoons for swimming and snorkeling and two enclosed sand boxes that offer shade for relaxing play time.

Construction on this inclusive playground began in November and should be complete by spring 2022. Inspired Play, a local company specializing in designing playgrounds specifically tailored towards people with disabilities, is spearheading this initiative.

Explore the Allerton Garden

Allerton Garden on Kauai’s south shore is part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden network; these five gardens, four located in Hawaii and one in Florida, strive to study and preserve tropical plants.

This expansive garden provides the ideal way to discover all of the various plant life found across the island. As part of your visit, explore an extensive collection of palms, flowering trees and ornamental shrubs.

Attractions at this site include a cut-flower garden and grove of golden bamboo that sways with the wind. Other attractions include impressive Jurassic Park trees, bronze mermaid statues, and an expansive rainforest canopy.

Tours of Allerton Garden are available, offering visitors an immersive experience. Tour options include New Behind the Scenes Discovery Tour and Best of Both Worlds Tour.

Enjoy a luxurious tour that includes appetizers, drinks on the lanai and an unforgettable sunset over Allerton Beach on Monday, Wednesday or Friday – these tours are offered Monday-Friday!

The Allerton Garden is an enchanted place, steeped in history. Once home to Hawaiian royalty and frequented by notables such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, today it has been transformed by ancient Polynesian explorers, sugar plantation magnates, artists and architects into an oasis of relaxation and delight.

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